The official website for the upcoming film recently updated with a poster featuring the three main characters, also revealing its official title “Death Note Light up the NEW world”.

The sequel film is set 10 years after the first two live-action films, focusing on a battle for the new six different death notes fall to the human world. Shinsuke Sato (GANTZ, Library Wars) will direct  the screenplay by Katsunari Mano (Aibou TV drama series). Warner Brothers Japan will distribute it from October 29, 2016.


The poster features Tsukuru Mishima (Masahiro Higashide, center), Yugi Shion (Masaki Suda, left), and Ryuzaki (Sousuke Ikematsu, right). It contains the text, “A decade after that incident … Six new Death Notes have been scattered.”

In the new film’s story, a highly advanced information society is beset by global cyber-terrorism in 2016. New charismatic figures, who “inherited the DNA” of Light  and the detective L , emerge. The successors of the two geniuses will wage a war over six Death Notes on Earth.

A crucial plot element will be the “Six-Note Rule”: Only six Death Notes are allowed to exist at a time in the human world. Of course, the Shinigami (Gods of Death) themselves are limited to the number of Death Notes. Therefore, up to six Shinigami may exist in the human world. This rule existed in the original manga, but previous adaptations in thefranchise have not used this rule thus far.

The full cast consists of:

Masaki Suda  as Yugi Shion, a cyber terrorist who reveres Kira.

Masaki Suda

Sousuke Ikematsu as Ryuzaki, L’s successor and a world-famous detective.


Masahiro Higashide  as Tsukuru Mishima, an investigator pursuing the Death Notes


Rina Kawaei as Sakura Aoi, the most terrible Death Note user ever, an indiscriminate murderer, and the complete opposite of Light Yagami.


Mina Fujii as Sho Nanase, an investigator on the Death Note task force.


Erika Toda as Misa Amane (Toda is reprising the role from the previous live-action films.)


Shidou Nakamura as Ryuk (Nakamura is reprising the role from the previous live-action films and anime.)


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