Well Go USA Entertainment has announced that Fruit Chan’s genre-bending The Midnight After will be available on DVD and digitally on 21 June 2016.

The film premiered at the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival and was the recipient of numerous prestigious nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Cinematography at the Hong Kong Film Awards, where it also won in the Best Original Score category.

Based on a cult internet novel by Hong Kong writer “Mr. Pizza“, The Midnight After follows a group of 16 bus passengers who find that, in the time between entering and emerging from a traffic tunnel, the city was struck by an apocalyptic event.



The innovative Chan sculpts a blend of horror, comedy, mystery and sci-fi, flinging his unique cast of characters into increasingly bizarre scenarios.

The film received critical praise for its tone, most notably the blasé manner in which characters respond to the otherworldly circumstances they find themselves in.

Twitchfilm called it: “… loopy, irreverent and a rare kind of crazy” while IndieWire drew comparisons with the work of Edgar Wright.

The films cast includes: Simon Yam (Kill Zone 2), Wong You Nam (IP Man), Janice Man (Turning Point 2), Kara Hui (Lock Me Up, Tie Him Down), Chui Tien You (Contagion), Lam Suet (Kung Fu Hustle), Vincci Cheuk (Kick Ass Girls), Lee Sheung Ching (Stool Pidgeon), Sam Lee (Lost in Hong Kong) and Cherry Ngan (Mojin: The Lost Legend).

Visit www.wellgousa.com for more information on how to buy your DVD or digital copy.