UK-based distributor Third Window Films‘ online store was officially launched yesterday 14th of May, and they’re celebrating by offering customers 15% off literally every single one of their in-store titles.

Some of these include limited-edition versions for those of us who like our discs to look a little more exclusive. But you’ll need to hurry, these will no doubt be flying off the shelves.

The company, who has been introducing some of East-Asia’s finest pictures to a wider audience since 2005, ships for free to the UK and charges a flat-fee for delivery to other destinations.

We did notice, however, that a number of countries – Australia, Canada and Norway, for instance – are not included in their list of shipping destinations due to recurring issues they’ve had with items not reaching their customers.

This is obviously not ideal for them and may hurt their sales somewhat, but as the platform matures it’s possible that these wrinkles will be ironed out.

So if you’re fortunate enough to live in an area to which they deliver why not cut Amazon out of the equation and support these guys directly? Independent distributors need all the help they can get nowadays.

Click here to visit the store and use the promo code “shoptwf” when prompted – there’s an “apply promo code” button on the payment page.

We wish them all the best in this venture.