Operation Mekong


Dante Lam directs Operation Mekong, a film based on true events of the Mekong River Massacre. The cast also includes Chen Baoguo, Zhang Hanyu and new comer Feng Wenjuan.


Operation Mekong

Operation Mekong

The events of the 2011 Mekong River Massacre inspired the making of the film. A Myanmar drug-trafficking group attacked two cargo ships along the Mekong river. The attack resulted in a massacre killing thirteen people. Chinese police worked with Burmese, Laos and Thai police on the investigation. They discovered a large amount of illegal drugs on the ship.

The movie production shot scenes in China, Thailand and Myanmar. This is the third time Eddie Peng and director Dante Lam are working together. They have previously teamed up in  “Unbreakable” and “Fore” with great results.

“Operation Mekong” promises an action-packed experience. Fans were treated to sneak peak at the film’s promo event. Eddie Peng and co-star Zhang Hanyu showed up in full military gear complete with an automatic rifle. They also launched a 3-D trailer packed with thrilling action sequences.

The movie is set for release on  September 30, 2016 on Hong Kong and Chinese theaters.

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Source: Chinatopix