Hideaki Sorachi’s popular manga “Gintama”  began filming the live-action adaptation last July 2016. Shun Oguri plays the lead character, a highly skilled samurai named Gintoki Sakata.  Acclaimed playwright Yūichi Fukuda is directing and writing the screenplay. The upcoming movie has many fans excited. Most of all, many are wondering who the additional main cast will be.

The “Gintama” Cast

Thursday’s announcement of who will play who in the sci-fi movie put an end to the guessing game. Eight new cast members joins Shun Oguri in the parallel world of Edo period Japan.


  • Shun Oguri – Gintoki Sakata, the leader of the Yorozuya Gin-Chan.
  • Masaki Suda – Shinpachi Shimura, a member of the Yorozuya.
  • Kanna Hashimoto – Kagura, another member of the Yorozuya.
  • Masami Nagasawa – Tae Shimura, the sister of Shinpachi.
  • Masaki Okada – Kotaro Katsura, Sakata’s sworn friend
  • Tsuyoshi Muro – Gengai Hiraga, the owner of Karakuri-dō
  • Yuuya Yagira – Toshiro Hijikata, member of the Shinsengumi and popular with girls
  • Ryo Yoshizawa – Sougo Okita, sharp-tounged Shinsengumi member
  • Kankurō Nakamura VI – Isao Kondo, a Shinsengumi commander

Japan’s Top Selling Manga

“Gintama” is a science fiction action-comedy about the samurai and the aliens. The story happens in a parallel universe, set in the time of the Edo period. Sakata Gintoki is a skilled samurai but he is lazy and he has no ambition to be a hero. The story revolves around Sakata and his band of  Yorozuya followers.

Since the manga began in 2004, it remains to be one of the top-selling comic books in Japan. Due to its popularity, the comic book has over 50 million printed copies in circulation. The manga also inspired two anime films and a TV anime series.

Shueisha published the manga’s 65th volume in Japan on August 4 and it began its final arc on July 11. Film producers hope to have the movie released in 2017.


Source: Tokyo Hive