Jackie Chan, the 62-year-old action star, were seen filming dangerous fighting scenes 67 metres above Sydney Opera House with Australian co-star Tess Haubrich for new movie Bleeding Steel.

On top of Sydney Opera House, both actors were spotted without any harnesses on them. Undaunted by the building’s staggering height, Chan even went snap happy 67 metres above Sydney Harbour while spectators held their breath at this sight. His relaxed actions make it seem like an easy task but it is by no means any less dangerous.



The video of the actors’ sparring has taken over the internet by storm since its release.

Like every Jackie Chan movie, his dangerous stunts are the highlight of his films. It is no surprise why the veteran Hong Kong action star looks so calm on top of Sydney Opera House.

The new sci-fi film Bleeding Steel is reported to be the most expensive Chinese movie production ever filmed in Australia. This much anticipated action comedy also features Nana Ouyang, Show Luo and Erica Xia-Hou and will be released in 2017.