At first they we’re just rumors but now the news Bleach manga fans have been waiting for is finally here.  Tite Kubo’s long-running manga Bleach is doing a live-action movie adaptation. The movie will open in Japan sometime in 2018. The news comes in time with the ending of the manga which is now in it’s 74th and final volume. Leaks have been circulating online recently but Weekly Shonen Jump is expected to release an official announcement on Monday, August 22nd.

Bleach live-action movie


Bleach Live-Action Movie

Sōta Fukushi will play Ichigo Kurosaki, the boy who becomes a shinigami and helps good souls crossover. Shinsuke Sato, known for his work in the Gantz series, Oblivion Island and many others will direct the live-action film. Original creator Tite Kubo will continue to assist in the production to make sure fans remain happy.

Weekly Shonen Jump first published the manga in 2001. Since then, Bleached has inspired an anime TV series and a few films. The manga also became inspiration for a number of video games, novels and musical productions.



Source: Kotaku



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