Leading South Korean acting talents Ryu Seung-ryong (Miracle in Cell No.7, The Target), Song Kang-ho (Snowpiercer, Lady Vengeance) and Jung Woo (Bloody Tie, Spare) have joined forces to star in Won Shin-yun’s (The Suspect, Seven Days) latest feature, the action-thriller, Fifth Column.

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Veteran Song is set to play a grizzled military inspector who, two weeks out from retirement at the Defense Department’s Internal Affairs bureau, takes on one final case. Over the course of the case he slowly unravels a complex web of lies and a wide ranging conspiracy plot, resulting in some sure to be intense moments of drama and intrigue. Co-star Jung comes in as Song’s partner, while Ryu assumes the role of a power-broker, centered right at the heart of the conspiracy.

This will be Song Kang-ho’s third film this year, having already racked up acting credits in Kim Jee-woon’s colonial thriller The Age of Shadows, and Jang Hun’s upcoming feature, Taxi Driver. Song’s presence on Fifth Column is a sure sign of the quality of the script, with the actor notable for his fantastic choice of projects.

The Age of Shadows

Elsewhere, Jung has begun shooting for Retrial, a thriller based around the real-life murder of a taxi driver by a 15 year old schoolboy back in 2000, while Ryu is next set to star in thriller Night of 7 Years. It is a busy time for all three, and we are excited to see how all these features pan out.

Fifth Column is set to begin production later this year. We will keep you updated as the news rolls in.