Scene at the Sea / Kids Return


UK company Third Window Films have announced the release of two more movie classics from the Japanese master-director, Takeshi Kitano (Violent Cop, Fireworks), both remastered using new 2K transfers received directly from Office Kitano.

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A Scene at the Sea releases first on September 12th, this time with a fascinating audio commentary by Midnight Eye’s very own Japanese cinema expert, Jasper Sharp. A Scene at the Sea tells the story of a young hearing-impaired couple’s discovery of surfing and their growing love for it. This film is sure to appeal to fans of Kitano’s quieter pieces.


Next up on October 24th is Kids Return, beautifully remastered and featuring a compelling audio commentary by Yale University’s professor of Japanese cinema, Aaron Gerow, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film back in 1996. Highly regarded amongst Kitano aficionados for its brutal and honest writing and performances, Kids Return is a story of two high-school friends who take decidedly different paths in life after being failed by the high-school system. It’s a classic tale but told with all the panache you would expect of Kitano.

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Third Window Films are taking pre-orders now for these two blu-rays now. The first 1,000 copies are limited editions and come with a stylish cardboard slipcase featuring artwork from the talented illustrator Marie Bergeron. The previous special editions of Kikujiro and Fireworks both sold out extremely quickly, so be sure not to miss out this time!