In a recent press interview in Beijing, veteran Hong Kong director Benny Chan (New Police Story, Big Bullet) delved deeper into the backstory of his latest film, Call of Heroes.

Asian stars like Sean Lau Ching Wan answer the call for heroes in Kuala Lumpur. - GSC Movies

Call of Heroes, a martial arts epic featuring Hong Kong cinema luminaries Louis Koo (Drug War, Election), Ching-wan Lau (Black Mask, Mad Detective) and Eddie Peng (Unbeatable, Rise of Legend) tells the story of a group of villagers in 1914 China who rise up against a dark-hearted young warlord in a quest for justice.


“The biggest crisis in that place is not the intrusion of a notorious criminal but the changes of attitudes among the local people” said Chan to the gathered press.

Call of Heroes film delves deep into the experience of a small village which, upon being given the opportunity to set itself free from the tyrannical rule of the warlord, faces a crisis of confidence in how to mete out justice for its fallen members. That is until a lone swordsman (Peng) and the local sheriff (Lau) announce that they are up to the task.

Heroes 12

Chan also revealed some interesting titbits about the film’s custom built set. “It took the crew five months to build the sets. But we had to smash them as the story was developed in that way.” The film, shot over a 20,000 square-meter area in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, cost a reported $30 million to produce and since its release on 12th August has taken an estimated $32,000,000 at the Chinese box-office.

Watch the Chinese language trailer here.