Marco Johnson

Starring: Marco Johnson, David Luptak, Kimberly Bowden, Anthony Scanish, John Legrand
Directed by: Robert Samuels
Written & Produced by: Robert Jefferson
executive producers: Alan Goldberg, John Deblasio
Stunt and Fight Choreography by: Manny Ayala
R4 Films in association with Action Magazine
A Samuels/ Jefferson Film

Beast: The Chronicles Of Parker, is simply a 17 minute rollarcoaster of a ride. From the opening credits, we get some heart thumping music mixed with fantastic fight choreography until the last second. Beast centers around the character “Parker” (Marco Johnson) and “Osiris”, played by Kimberly Bowden.

They are searching for “Mr.David” (David Luptak), who may be holding a dangerous toxin and time is starting to run out. So Parker and Osiris track him and his fighers down and with help 15 minutes away, Parkour is in no mood to wait.

Marco Johnson  is Parker
Marco Johnson is Parker

Agent Robert Parker is hot on the heels of a mysterious suspect who may be carrying a lethal toxin. What he doesn’t know is that he may be running headlong into the fight of his life.

Robert Samuels and Robert Jefferson, working on set.
Robert Samuels and Robert Jefferson, working on set.

Director Robert Samuels and Writter/Producer Robert Jefferson, really capture the moment and feelings of the characters during the action, with the fighters showcasing their speed, power and understanding for fight choreography. I very much enjoyed the way Robert Samuels and Robert Jefferson experimented with the camera, close and long range, slow motion and capturing the action which had me on the edge on my seat.

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Marco Johnson had great screen presence and under the wing of Robert Samuels (who has great knowledge in the Movie world) and fight director Manny Ayala, Marco got to shine and show the audience his abilities. The skills he pocesses has certainly transformed on to the screen and credit to the camera crew and fight choreographer, for making that happen.

I will also be looking out for Marco in the upcoming years to see him in more Action/Martial Art movies and hope he continues to work under great people like on Beast: The Chronicles Of Parker.

Executive producers Alan Goldberg and John Deblasio also doing a terrific job, you can sense a great team being built here and if they keep making movies like Beast: The Chronicles Of Parker, the future will be very bright indeed for R4 Films.


The fight choreography was created by “Manny Ayala“, which delivered a nice blend of Old School Kung Fu and Modern Day Martial Art’s, which makes a fresh change to the viewers experience and something fans of the genre will enjoy. So if you like close hand to hand combat to jumping back kicks, Beast: The Chronicles Of Parker is for you.

Behind the camera, we are seeing nice suttle shots (Some birds eye view, some behind the characters), to give the viewer that asian feel of film making. Each scene had a very nice backdrop (The Red and Green really worked), making the viewer more engaged in the scene and the Hiphop soundtrack (Owen “Newo The Kid” Austin JR), just enhanced the whole thing to the next level. The colours (Red and Green) gave me almost a sense of the old Shaw Brothers Wu Xia movies including those by Ti Lung, Derek Yee, Yueh Hua and many more.



At the end of the movie, the viewers are treated to some behind the scenes footage which includes the fight choreography. From being young, i watched many Jackie Chan out-takes, so it was nice to see here during the credits.

When watching the out-takes, you really feel the power and energy coming from the actors.
The speed and delivery of the moves performed was very impressive to see and should be a platform for any young film makers out there.



R4 films is a brand new company founded by Robert Samuels and Robert Jefferson. I asked Robert Samuels how he see’s R4 films going into the future “Yes we have decided to create quality independent action film promoting diverse cast and because of my backround in asia,i am able to approach casting internationally. We also are getting into producing possible action series and digital platform films for the viewing public”.

I would personally like to thank Robert Samuels and Robert Jefferson for asking me to view the movie and very much enjoyed it. Asian Movie Pulse wishes them and the movie all the success.


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