Reports say there have been allegations that the soon-to-be-released Moonlight Palace bears more than its share of similarities to the beloved Japanese animated film, Spirited Away.

When the promotional trailer of South Korean animated film was released, the Ghibli fans were outraged. With the short trailer alone, Moonlight Palace is already generating negative comments.

The director responded to the people accusing the South Korean film of ripping off the Ghibli masterpiece by affirming that they would change their minds once they’d actually seen the film in its entirety, rather than the promotional trailer alone.

The two films undoubtedly share many elements: a young girl transported to a fantasy world, a female villain, and the girl’s reliable companion.

Of course, given that there have always been tons of fantasy stories about young girls swept off to magical adventures in strange worlds, it might be too soon to judge by a one-and-a-half-minute trailer, just as the director pointed out.

Too Much In Common?

The problem is, however, there are many other less generic elements that the two animated films have in common, such as floating masks, little creatures loafing about in groups, a wise old man with glasses, and a male companion attempting to send the female protagonist back to the human world. Some have opined even the characters look the same.

The dispute over whether the filmmaker deliberately copied the unique elements of Spirited Away seems to be growing louder and louder.

With much left to judge for the audience, Moonlight Palace is scheduled to hit the big screen on September 7.