Jackie Chan, legendary actor, writer, director, producer and all-round awesome guy, is to be given an honorary award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at the Governors Awards this coming November.


Jackie Chan, 62, a native of Hong Kong, has, in the 54 years since his first movie appearance as Yuen Lau in Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (1962), appeared in over 30 martial arts movies. Perhaps best known in the west for his Hollywood features such as the Rush Hour series, Rumble in the Bronx and Shanghai Noon, his charisma and outstanding athletic talents have gained him many fans worldwide.

However, it is his work in Hong Kong that many of his fans consider to be the peak of his career. Be it in the seminal Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978), the iconic Drunken Master (1978, or the classic Police Story (1985), Chan’s ability to both charm and amaze has been at the forefront of his rise to stardom.

Chan, along with three others, will receive his Honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards in November. The recipients of the awards were chosen by a panel of the Board of Governors based on their contributions to, and their achievements in, the global film industry.


So if you have a spare ten minutes, why not check out this awesome compilation video of some of Jackie’s best 80s moments!


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  1. what’s the point?
    divorce first wife, child doesn’t even know much about the father?
    he despises his own son and does not show him true love.

    he might as well bin that award!

    what profits a man to gain the whole world but loses his soul?

    i just feel sorry for him, he is pleasing fans and others, but not the ones that truly matters to him: family!

    • The award is for services to film. Any personal issues are for him and his family to resolve and not a concern for us , especially when we do not know all the facts…

      Everything I’ve heard him say about his son over the last few years as seemed on point to me, but either way I stay away from those type of things as it’s impossible for anyone to really know what’s going on and to provide commentary on it would be wrong

      • if you had loved your child with unconditional love from the start, your child would know what is right and wrong and would not do bad things to ruin your name or reputation.

        Jacee Chan was not loved, so he is doing all these things, can’t blame him.
        blame the dad Jackie Chan for not showing love!


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