The Map Against the World


South Korea’s beloved actor Cha Seung Won is returning to the big screen this week as Kim Jeong Ho, cartographer and geologist of Joseon dynasty, in the much expected 2016 film The Map Against the World.

Starring A-list actors including Cha Seung Won and Yoo Jun Sang who have demonstrated immaculate acting abilities over the course of their already stunning careers, The Map Against the World is the first film to portray on screen the cartographer’s journey of creating the greatest map in Korean history, Daedongyeojido, or the Great Map of the East Land.

With the movie set for commercial release on September 7 in South Korea, the director and the actors will be on promotional tours across the country during the week.

The film is expected to acquire nationwide success and acclamation–and possibly a whole clutch of awards–in the weeks following its release.