misshokusai_posterNew Japanese feature animation ‘Miss Hokusai’ is hitting the theatres in Los Angeles, New York and various North American cities starting from October 14.

Film distributer GKIDS has released an list of currently confirmed theatres here.

Award-winning director Keiichi Hara and creators of Ghost in the Shell Production I.G produced a remarkable story of O-Ei, the coming-of-age daughter of Japanese legendary illustrator Hokusai.

When all of Edo swarm to see the works of famous painter Hokusai, his daughter O-Ei strives inside his studio, unknown to the public. Her masterful portraits, dragons and erotic sketches, sold under her father’s name, are popular among the upper class. Totally different from her image in public, O-Ei is as brash and uninhibited as her father when she is at home. But despite her talent and fiercely independent spirit, O-Ei struggles under the domineering influence of her father and is ridiculed for lacking the life experience that she is attempting to portray in her art.

It is reported that Miss Hokusai is actually based on screenwriter Miho Maruo from Hinako Sugiura’s manga Sarusuberi, where both screenwriter and original manga artist are women.

Miss Hokusai was well received and won various awards from Annecy; Fantasia Film Festival; Sitges and the Asia Pacifica Screen Awards when it first released last year in Japan. It is no wonder that GKIDS now intends to push this cutting edge story of Miss Hokusai in this year’s Oscar race after scoring eight Academy Award nominations in the last decade.