One of the most respected South Korean directors, Hong Sang-soo (Right now, Wrong Then ), walked away with the prestigious ‘Concha de Plata’, for the Best Director at the recently concluded San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain. He was applauded for the direction of the beautiful psychological drama, ‘Dangsinjasingwa Dangsinui Geot’ (Yourself and Yours).


Alternatively known as ‘Yourself and Yours’, this acclaimed South Korean drama chronicles a jealous-ridden man’s passionate search – often bordering on insanity – for his wife whom he last saw bickering in a drunken fit with an unknown stranger. The problem is that he sees her face in that of every woman he encounters.


Kim Joo-Hyuk portrays the role of the envious husband with panache. You-Young Lee is almost perfect as the adulterous wife. Go watch this amazing movie if you haven’t done that already!

Source: AsiaOne