The script writing is under way and the new Ryo Saeba has already been selected for the second live movie adaptation of the detective manga series ‘City Hunter’. Cheng Jiake, the acclaimed mystery writer who penned the script for the Chinese blockbuster ‘Detective Chinatown’, is working on the script for ‘City Hunter’.


Huang Xiaoming (IP Man 2, American Dreams in China) will play the role of the “one-hole shot” expert, Ryo Saeba. The movie is expected to be released in China Quarter 3 , 2018.

The story is about a private detective, Ryo Saeba, who is heavily into solving crime mysteries and seducing beautiful women.


The global comedy/martial arts sensation, Jackie Chan, starred in the first live movie adaptation of this action-packed manga series way back in 1993. ‘City Hunter’ was also adapted into several animated and live series over the years. The most notable one was the intense Korean TV series of the same name that didn’t deviate much from the manga story-line.

Source: AnimeNetwork