Renowned Hong Kong director Ringo Lam is back with the next instalment of his “On Fire” series with the action thriller “Sky On Fire” following 1987’s “City On Fire”, 1987’s “Prison On Fire” and 1988’s “School On Fire”. The movie is set to thrill audiences when it opens on November 25, 2016 and stars Daniel Wu, Simon Yam and Amber Kuo.

In the recent exhilarating trailer released earlier this week, viewers got the opportunity to see leading man Daniel Wu in action as the professional security agent responsible in protecting research scientists responsible for the creation of a drug that could aid in the extension of human life beyond what we know now.

This is Daniel Wu’s first stint back in Asian cinema following his success on American series “Into the Badlands” and the summer Hollywood blockbuster “Warcraft: The Beginning”. The trailer for “Sky On Fire” sets audiences’ memories alight with exciting explosion scenes, high speed car chases, dramatic plot twists and fiery gun fights reminiscing of the ‘Golden Era’ of Hong Kong cinema when similar style of movies enthralled  movie goers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Source: ManyMovie