For 10 years, Five Flavours Film Festival has been presenting the best cinema from Asia, its meanings and contexts. Initially, the Festival focused solely on Vietnamese films, but it evolved to become a yearly review of the cinema of East and Southeast Asia, the only such event in the country.

The 10th edition is held in Warsaw, on November 16-23 (Muranów and Kinoteka cinemas), and in Wrocław on November 18-24 (New Horizons Cinema).

This year’s edition of Five Flavours is the biggest in history – it presents over 40 productions. The program combines artistic and commercial cinema, allowing the audience to experience the best Asian films have to offer. On the one hand, there are the intimate stories with a social angle, on the other – fresh, innovative blockbusters, filled with the sheer joy of cinematic creation, attracting millions of viewers in their homelands.


This diversity is already visible in the choice of the opening and closing films. The 10th Five Flavours opens with “The Long Excuse,” a wonderful drama by the Japanese champion of psychological cinema, Miwa Nishikawa. The Festival ends with the thrilling “Three” – a new film by the master of Hong Kong gangster cinema, Johnnie To, a stunning display of style and artistry in creating tension – it builds up till the great finale, which has already become a legend.

The rest of the program is as follows:

New Asian Cinema (competition section)

Apocalypse Child (Philippines, 2015)
Director: Mario Cornejo
Cast: Sid Lucero, Annicka Dolonius

A Copy of My Mind (Indonesia, South Korea, 2015)
Director: Joko Anwar
Cast: Tara Basro, Chicco Jerikho

A Yellow Bird (Singapore, France, 2016
Director: K. Rajagopal
Cast: Sivakumar Palakrishnan, Huang Lu

A Yellow Bird
A Yellow Bird

Heart Attack (Thailand, 2015)
Director: Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit
Cast: Sunny Suwanmethanon, Davika Hoorne

Interchange (Malaysia, 2016)
Director: Dain Said
Cast: Iedil Putra, Shaheizy Sam

Jagat (Malaysia, 2015)
Director: Shanjhey Kumar Perumal
Cast: Harvin Raj, Jibrail Rajhula

Ordinary People (Philippines, 2016)
Director: Eduardo Roy, Jr.
Cast: Ronwaldo Martin, Hasmine Killip

Ten Years (Hong Kong, 2015)
Directors: Ng Ka-leung, Jevons Au, Chow Kwun-wai, Wong Fei-pang, Kwok Zune
Cast: Peter Chan, Wong Ching

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Tharlo (China, 2015)
Director: Pema Tseden
Cast: Shide Nyima, Tso Yangshik

The Road to Mandalay (Taiwan, Myanmar, France, Germany 2016)
Director: Midi Z
Cast: Ko Kai, Wu Ke-xi

Under Construction (Bangladesh, 2015)
Director: Rubaiyat Hossain
Cast: Shahana Goswami, Rahul Bose

North Korean Cinema

Comrade Kim Goes Flying (North Korea, Belgium, United Kingdom, 2012)
Directors: Kim Gwang Hun, Nicholas Bonner, Anja Daelemans
Cast: Han Jong Sim, Pak Chung Guk

Hong Kil-Dong (North Korea, 1986)
Director: Kim Kil-in
Cast: Hui Chang Son, Ri Gwon

Order No 27 (North Korea, 1986)
Directors: Jung Ki-mo, Kim Eung-suk
Cast: Cha Sung-chol, Cho Yong-chol

Small House on the Forefront (North Korea, 2013)
Director: Pak Chol-hak
Cast: Ham Ki-sop, Han Pok-sil

Retrospective: Sion Sono

Guilty of Romance

Antiporno (Japan, 2016)
Cast: Ami Tomite

A Man’s Flower Road (Japan, 1986)
Cast: Sion Sono, Otomi Sono

Guilty of Romance (Japan, 2011)
Cast: Megumi Kagurazaka, Miki Mizuno

I’m Sion Sono (Japan, 1985)
Cast: Sion Sono

Love Exposure (Japan, 2008)
Cast: Takahiro Nishijima, Hikari Mitsushima

The Sion Sono (Japan, 2016)
Director: Arata Oshima
Cast: Ellie, Megumi Kagurazaka

The Whispering Star (Japan 2015)
Cast: Megumi Kagurazaka, Kenji Endo

Fukushima Five Years Later

Jellyfish Eyes (Japan, 2013)
Director: Takashi Murakami
Cast: Takuto Sueoka, Himeka Asami

My Technicolor Girl (Japan, 2015)
Director: Rei Sakamoto
Cast: Kazuhiro Sano, Kiyomi Ito

The Whispering Star (Japan 2015)
Director: Sion Sono
Cast: Megumi Kagurazaka, Kenji Endo

Rediscovered Classics


Daughter of the Nile (Taiwan, 1987)
Director: Hou Hsiao-hsien
Cast: Jack Kao, Li Tian-lu

Our Sister Hedy (Hong Kong, 1957)
Director: Ching Doe
Cast: Mu Hong, Julie Yeh Feng

Salaam Bombay! (India, 1988)
Director: Mira Nair
Cast: Shafiq Syed, Hansa Vithal

Santi-Vina (Thailand, 1954)
Director: Marut (Thavi Na Bangchang)
Cast: Poonpan Rangkhavorn, Rayvadi Sriwilai

Special Screenings

City of Jade (Taiwan, Burma 2016)
Director: Midi Z
Cast: Zhao De-chin, U Aung Kyaw

Monk of The Sea (Poland, 2016)
Director: Rafał Skalski

Nguyen Trinh Thi: film essays

Yourself and Yours (South Korea, 2016)                                                                         Director: Hong Sang-soo                                                                                                   Cast: Kim Joo-hyuck, Lee You-young

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Eleven Men (2016)
Letter From Panduranga (2015)


Fresh Wave 2015 (Hong Kong, 2015)

Ali and Me
Hong Kong 2015, 25′
director: Lam Ting-hin

A Long Ride
Hong Kong 2015, 25′
director: Ng Chun

Hong Kong 2015, 24′
director: Chan Kam-hei


Sadako vs Kayako (Japan, 2016)                                                                                 Director: Koji Shiraishi                                                                                                   Cast: Mizuki Yamamoto, Tina Tamashiro

The Piper (South Korea, 2015)
Director: Kim Kwang-tae
Cast: Ryu Seung-ryong, Lee Sung-min

The Silenced (South Korea, 2015)
Director: Lee Hae-young
Cast: Park Bo-young, Uhm Ji-won

The Wailing (South Korea, 2016)
Director: Na Hong-jin
Cast: Kwak Do-won, Jun Kunimura


100 Yen Love (Japan, 2014)
Director: Masaharu Take
Cast: Sakura Ando, Hirofumi Arai

The Final Master (China, 2015)                                                                                     Director: Xu Haofeng
Cast: Liao Fan, Song Jia



Train to Busan (South Korea, 2016)
director: Yeon Sang-ho
cast: Gong Yoo, Jung Yu-mi, Ma Dong-seok
For more information visit the official Five Flavours site.

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