Superstar Huang Bo teams up with director Leste Chan for the upcoming sci-fi mystery crime thriller Battle of Memories. Based on the recently released trailer, Battle of Memories boasts thumping action and impressive production values to go along the film’s intense story line.



Huang Bo (of The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel (2013), Journey to the West (2013) and Mojin: The Lost Legend (2015) fame) plays Jiang Feng. Feng is a renowned novelist who is coming out of a failed marriage. After the divorce, he decides to go under the operating table to erase a decade worth of his bitter memories. But when Feng gets second thoughts and tries to retrieve his wiped memories, he inadvertently uploads a memory from a vicious murderer. Set in 2019, Battle of Memories unravels as Feng grapples with his identity and sanity while finding himself inside the mind of a serial killer. According to ChinaDaily, director Leste Chan (Eternal Summer (2006), Doomsday Reverse (2012) and The Great Hypnotist (2014)) has also stated that “the film will try to examine the struggle in pursuit of freedom in a human being’s inner world.”


Wanda Pictures produced this film with a whopping budget of $20 million dollars. The star-studded cast also includes Xu Jinglei, Yang Zishan, Duan Yihong, and Hsu Wei-ning.

Battle of Memories is scheduled for release December 2016.