Starring acclaimed Chinese actress Qin Hailu and Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo, the Chinese remake of the Korean thriller with the same name, “Hide and Seek”, opened in cinemas nationwide in China on 4 Nov.

Inspired by true happenings, the movie tells the tale about a mentally unsound woman who plots to to murder a family after their movie into their luxurious home. The patriarch of the family discovers strange markings and symbols on the doors of the apartments and seeks to find out the truth behind it.

Popular television actor Wallace Huo plays the role of the father in the family and at the premiere event on Sunday, said this of his role,” My character is complex; he is the victim on one hand, and a person who has sinned as well on the other. He is also obsessed and suffers from Mysophobia, it has certainly been challenging for me”.

The film was directed by Liu Jie, once nominated at the Berlin International Film Festival, and also stars Chun Xia, who won the ‘Best Actress’ award at the 2016 Hong Kong Film Awards.

Hide And Seek Hide and Seek Cast

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