A cocktail bar, “PimpShuei,” in London has found its niche in the combining the world of alcohol and Kung Fu. Owners, Sipheng You and Chuck Bailey serve locals with amazing drinks coupled with videos, retro video-games, and more, all centered around the world of Kung Fu.


The pair is now trying to crowdfund an expansion onto their business by opening a coffee shop above the bar. The café is going to be the “Double Bill Café,” and the owners foresee the space to be a quaint coffee shop during the day and at night, they will use the space to air Kung Fu films and movies.

The pair is not only aiming to create a film showcasing space, but also aiming to create a new martial arts film festival, the “Chop Socky Fest,” which will run for two weeks beginning sometime in 2017.

“Double Bill Café” will be outfitted with an impressive 180 inch screen in order for any movie to pack its full potential within the space. The mission of the café will not only create a space for Kung Fu film fans, but also provide an outlet and more reasonably priced showcasing space for younger filmmakers.


The owners of “Double Bill Café” are relying on crowdfunding as a source for extra income to help accomplish their goal of opening the establishment before the end of this year. For their backers, they have an impressive list of rewards; everything from clothing to free drinks! If you are a fan of martial arts, and a resident of London, show your support to fellow Kung Fu fanatics and check out their Facebook and Indiegogo pages!