Acclaimed Japanese film maker, Hayao Miyazaki, is set to return to the big screen in 2019 with film, “Kemushi no Boro” (in English, “Boro the Caterpillar”). The filmmaker took a short retirement in 2013, which had fans in tears as their cherished animator of such films as “Spirited Away,” and “Princess Mononoke,” would no longer be creating such fantastic worlds. Miyazaki was a very active participator for Studio Ghibli; his last piece, “The Wind Rises,” premiered right before his retirement.

Still from "Spirited Away"
Still from “Spirited Away”

The announcement of “Kemushi” does not contain much information; fans only know the film is about a very tiny caterpillar, and has been a story Miyazaki has been working on for more than 20 years. Miyazaki began working on “Kemushi” as a shorter piece intended for release in the Studio Ghibli museum, but realized that the CGI-animation of the film would translate easily to a longer film.

“The Wind Rises” Poster

The full-length film is intended for release before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but the shorter-length version is set for release sometime in 2017. Until then, Miyazaki fans can rejoice that their beloved director is officially back on the scene in a huge way—even with the tiniest of subject matter.

Studio Ghibli Museum