Tidepoint Pictures and Spectacle Theater Present

Cross-cultural film director Lim Kah Wai live Q&A

FLY ME TO MINAMI, MAGIC & LOSS, and AFTER ALL THESE YEARS to play at Brooklyn, NY’s Spectacle Theater this December

Brooklyn-based microcinema Spectacle Theater and longtime Asian film distributor Tidepoint Pictures team up to bring three of Lim Kah Wai films to New York this December.

Malaysia-born Lim Kah-Wai spent 6 years as a network engineer in Tokyo, Japan. He left this career to study film at Beijing Film Academy. His first film, AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, was shot in China; his last 2 films shot in Osaka, Japan, featuring Chinese, Hong Kong and Korean actress with Japanese casts. Lim realistically blends cross-cultural elements, story and subject in his films.

The series kicks off December 9th at 7:30p with Lim Kah-Wai introducing Magic And Loss in person, followed by another live Q&A December 10th following Fly Me To Minami at 7:30p.



After All These Years (2010), Magic & Loss (2011) and Fly Me to Minami (2013)


“It’s a great pleasure for me to present my 3 films to audience in the US. I hope you can enjoy the complication, diversity, fascination of them and their dependent relationship through the films.” Lim Kah-Wai says.

Lim Kah-Wai’s Bio

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1973, Kah-Wai Lim graduated in Osaka University majoring in Electrical Engineering in 1998. Lim studied film in Beijing Film Academy in China after 6 years of Network Engineer in Tokyo. His directorial debut “AFTER ALL THESE YEARS” was shot in China in 2010. He was a jury member of Winds of Asian section at the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2012.  After Lim finished “FLY ME TO MINAMI” in 2013 and the movie was selected in Osaka Asian Film Festival. He was also elected as the “Director in Focus” at South Taiwan Film Festival in 2013. His latest Chinese film “LOVE IN LATE AUTUMN” was commercially released through major cinema chain in China and Hong Kong both this year. He is now living in Osaka and will prepare for a trilogy about the city Osaka titled “COME AND GO”.

You can find more information regarding the event here.

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