After more than four decades of starring in martial arts films, Kara Hui is finally ready to stand down from action.

In an interview at the 21st annual Busan International Film Festival in Korea, the superstar who was raised in Hong Kong confirmed that her current film Mrs. K will indeed be her final bow as an action heroine. She explained her decision in an interview, saying “This is my last action movie. Another chance might not come and physically I just can’t do it anymore. I’m too old and too scared I’ll get hurt.”

 An inspiration for women in action films

Starting with her first film, Lau’s Challenge of the Masters in 1976, Kara has always been a hot commodity in the martial arts film world. Having appeared in well over one hundred Asian films as well as dozens of television shows, Hui is a fixture on the screen.  She’s known internationally thanks to her connection with the Shaw Brothers Studio, who dominated the kung fu movie scene in the 1970s and 1980s.

Her command of martial arts and her ability to deliver heartfelt performances have mean that she’s a fan favorite around the world. She’s won numerous awards for her moving portrayals, and has been a champion of women’s increased roles in action films

Kara Hui in Mrs K

Kara Hui will be very much missed, but her last action film Mrs. K looks to be a fitting send off for this amazing martial arts star as she plays a mother who fights to save her family. Her skill as a martial artist as well as an actress is something that’s missing in many of today’s action movies, and Mrs. K hearkens back to the classics.

We can’t wait to see her kick it one last time.