From the producers of hit zombie film ‘Train to Busan’, exclusive distribution rights to South Korean film ‘Pandora’, directed by Park Jung-woo, has been bought by the giant of online streaming Netflix.

The distribution company of ‘Pandora’, Next Entertainment, announced in a joint statement with Netflix on Tuesday that they have come to an agreement on the international licensing that allows Netflix to stream the nuclear disaster film in 190 territories worldwide.

‘Pandora’ tells the story of a nuclear power plant located in a small town that takes damage when an earthquake strikes the area, causing a nuclear disaster in the country. The film stars Kim Nam-gil, Kim Young-ae, Jung Jin-young and Kim Dae-myeong. ‘Pandora’ is the first Korean film that has been pre-sold to Netflix.

Netflix has recently turned its attention to the Korean film industry when it announced earlier this year that it was to invest $50 million in fantasy film ‘Okja’, directed by Bong Joon Ho. The film is set for simultaneous release both in cinemas and on Netflix next year.

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