Next Entertainment World recently released the first trailer for the upcoming Korean thriller “Pandora” and it looks like the film will bring gripping action and intense drama.

The trailer begins and we hear sirens. The nuclear power plant is in red alert as the smoke looms and rises to terrorize the city. Villages are destroyed. Bodies mount. The firefighters are scrambling and the government admits…they can’t do anything to help. The whole city cries in chaos.

From the same producers behind critically acclaimed and commercial hit zombie film “Train to Busan”, “Pandora” tells the inspiring story of how ordinary people struggle to survive after a catastrophic nuclear disaster.


Award-winning filmmaker Park Jung-woo, known for his science fiction horror hit “Deranged” (2012), directs the star-studded cast led by Kim Nam-gil (“No Regret” (2006) “Portrait of a Beauty” (2008), “Pirates” (2014)). Nam-gil plays Jae-Hyeok, a man who fights to save his family against all odds. Kim Myung-min, Kim Young-ae, Jung Jin-young, Lee Geung-young and Moon Jung-hee complete the ensemble.

YONHAP News adds that “Pandora” worked with a whopping budget of 530 million won and took four years to produce.

With its strong blockbuster potential, online streaming giant, Netflix, has already bought “Pandora” for distribution in 190 territories worldwide.

Get ready to open Pandora’s box when it storms theaters on December.