Coming to theaters in China this month is the new action-packed Matt Damon and Andy Lau film, “The Great Wall.”

The US audience will need to wait a few more months until the film is released on this side of the globe, but to help tide over the anxious spectators, a new trailer was released on YouTube showing off more detail and thrilling scenes than past previews.

The trailer does not yet have English subtitles, but any non-Mandarin speaking person will be able to get a feel of the intensity of the story through the visuals alone.

Still from "The Great Wall"
Still from “The Great Wall”

The trailer showcases Matt Damon’s character as he prepares to fight hordes of monsters attacking the most famous Chinese landmark, the Great Wall. Matt Damon stars amongst several other heavyweight actors including: Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, and Andy Lau.


The casting of “The Great Wall” has caused a lot of controversy pertaining to the idea of ‘whitewashing.’ ‘Whitewashing’ itself is the idea that a production is striped of genuine or accurate depictions of culture, and is replaced with an overly ‘American,’ or ‘White’ point of view.

Other more recent films have been accused of this procedure, such as Marvel’s release of “Doctor Strange” which had Tilda Swinton play a character that was traditionally portrayed as an Asian man.


Matt Damon responded to these criticisms as inaccurate and encourages moviegoers to watch the film in its entirety before making such accusations, because after seeing the film as a whole, they would be able to see that those accusations are unfounded. The American audience will need to hold judgment on this film until its release, but until then, the extended trailer can be seen below.

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