Director: Choi Kook-hee

Distributor: Opus Pictures

Cast: Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Jung-hyun, Lee David, Chug Sung-wha

Runtime: 121 min.

Yoo Ji-tae, who is primarily famous for his role as the villain in Park Chan-wook’s Old Boy, was last seen in the Korea-Japan co-production The Tenor Lirico Spinto (2014). In recent years, he has also turned to directing, debuting the melodrama Mai Ratima at the Busan International Film Festival in 2012.


Cheol-jong used to be a promising bowler, but he ends up wandering around the betting world of bowling. In order to pay back the debt he owes to his enemy, Cheol-jong and his gambling broker Hee-jin struggle on the bowling lanes. That’s when they run into an autistic boy named Young-hoon, a born genius in bowling.

In order to recruit Young-hoon, Cheol-jong sneaks him out from the residential care and starts to teach him bowling. Young-hoon also warms up to Cheol-jong, and lets down his guard while starting to find trust in him. The two of them end up participating in small games where they realize that they’re a great team. While they celebrate one victory after another, however, they get involved in a dangerous game with a bowling tycoon, and it leads them all to an unexpected path…


Yoo Ji-tae reportedly spent time taking in bowling competitions and practicing the sport every day to prepare for the role.

Split opened in South Korea on Nov 9 and is gaining resounding praise from both the audience and the press.

Source: KoBiz

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