Superstars Jung Woo-sung and Kwak Do-won are teaming up for the dramatic spy epic “Steel Rain”.

The film follows Jung as Eom Chul-woo, a former agent from the North Korean intelligence and Kwak as Kwak Chul-woo, a senior member of the South Korean security services. The two band together on a top-secret mission to prevent the breakout of the Korean War.

“Steel Rain” marks the second time Jung Woo-sung and Kwak Do-won are sharing the screen. They were recently seen in 2016’s hit crime film “Asura: The City of Madness.” Fans are highly anticipating the reunion, since both Jung and Kwak are known for delivering stellar performances.

Jung Woo-sung

Jung Woo-sung is an actor, model, director, and producer known for his versatile work from crime films such as “Cold Eyes” (2013) to erotic thrillers such as “Scarlet Innocence” (2014) and from melodramas like “Don’t Forget Me” (2015) to martial arts epics like “Reign of Assassins” (2010).

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Kwak Do-won

Kwak Do-won is a multi-award winning stage, television, and film actor. He is best known for his roles in “The Yellow Sea” (2010), “Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time” (2012), and the recent horror hit “The Wailing” (2016).



“Steel Rain” is based on the popular webcomic of the same name. The film will be written and directed by Yang Woo-suk. Yang shot to fame after his debut film “The Attorney”, which also starred Kwak, became a critical and commercial hit last 2013.

Korean Film Biz Zone reports that filming for “Steel Rain” kicks off in February.