Popular Korean actress Moon Geun Young (“A Tale Of Two Sisters”, “My Little Bride”, “The Throne”) is in hospital after having emergency surgery on her right arm.

Namoo Actors, her management company, stated in their press release, “On February 1, Moon Geun Young complained of sudden pain in her right arm and went to the hospital at 9 a.m. KST on the following day. She was diagnosed with Acute Compartment Syndrome and had to go through an emergency surgical procedure. Her condition is currently being monitored, and she will have to go through an additional surgery in two to three days, as well as one or two more surgeries in the future.”

According to the health websites that we have checked out on this condition, Acute Compartment Syndrome is a medical emergency where lack of blood supply may lead to permanent muscle and nerve damage and loss of limb function. So it certainly is a serious condition and we hope that Moon Geun Young will get better soon after her operations.

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Source: Soompi

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