Based on a murder case in 2000 where a young man was falsely accused of killing a taxi driver, confessed after being subjected to coercive interrogation tactics and ended up in prison for 10 years.

Kang Ha-neul, who jumped into the spotlight following his star-making turn in in the Colonial Era drama DONGJU; The Portrait of A Poet (2016), plays the young man, Hyun-woo while Jung Woo features as a pro bono lawyer who seeks to clear Hyun-woo’s name. Jung Woo was recently seen alongside Hwang Jung-min in the mountaineering hit The Himalayas (2015).

Director Kim Tae-yoon most recently helmed the drama Another Family, which premiered at the Busan International Film Festival in 2013.

New Trial opened at No. 1 at the local box office last week.

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Additional source: Kobiz

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