Brian Ho shows amazing potential as the lead in Beyond Redemption, set for Blu-Ray and DVD release by Well Go USA on February 7th. You may not have known it, but you’ve seen the lead actor on the big screen before.

He is the guy that usually makes other leads look like total bad asses. Now that he has moved from the obscurity of behind the scenes to a lead role, his true potential is bursting through. Ho transforms from stunt man to front man as hot-headed cop, Billy Tong.

After embarking upon a dangerous undercover mission to take down a notorious gang, he gets caught up in a web of betrayal and lies. To survive, he’ll have to fight as hard to get out as he did to get in.

Well Go USA Beyond Redemption

Directed by Bruce Fontaine and costarring Nickolas Baric, Raymond Chan and Peter Chao, Beyond Redemption is a good choice to kick off movie night. It offers a decidedly common plot, but amps it up with unique twists. That doesn’t matter though. You’re not there for the story.

You’re there for the pain and Brian and the rest of cast dishes it out like Sunday dinner. The positive about the relaxed plot means that the actors had to put in greater effort to make the stunts and fight choreography look more realistic. It doesn’t go without notice that some of the fight combinations were intense. Yet the movements were fluid and natural. It was a lot of fun to watch it in action.

It’s worth it to pick up a copy of Beyond Redemption on Blu-Ray or DVD for your collection or catch it playing now On Demand.