Well Go USA released the long awaited sequel, Cold War 2, on Blu-ray and DVD March 7, 2017. It is one of the best good versus bad flicks that I have seen in a while. Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung,  Eddie Peng and Chow Yun Fat play for blood in the dirty world of politics.

They’re conniving, ruthless and intelligent; and that’s just the good guys!

Aaron Kwok returns again as Sean Lau, now promoted to the role of Commissioner of Police. When his wife becomes a pawn in the ongoing fight, Lau makes a decision that opens the flood gates of hell, giving his enemies all the ammo they need to take him out.

To their surprise, Lau isn’t an easy target. He is brilliant and strategic, even using their own players again them. Counter move after move leaves them shook. When Chow Yun Fat graces the screen, his charisma is on full blast. He is the key player both sides hope to snag. Whoever wins his support will obtain a fearsome ally while the looser will gain a powerful foe.

As Lau faces his enemies head on, sparks of resentment set aflame a new hatred between him and long time colleague, M.B. Wais, played by the incomparable Tony Leung Kai fai.

Eddie Peng is that spark, or more like the explosion, that Lau is trying to contain

Eddie Peng is that spark, or more like the explosion, that Lau is trying to contain. His and  Wais’ special relationship turns out to be a hindrance that Lau wasn’t expecting. It’s a mind blowing game with intense moves. Once the pieces began to fall, its every man for himself.

As expected of such an all-star ensemble as this cast, there was not a single flaw in the acting. Every one of them were flawlessly molded into their character.

I only vaguely recall watching the 2012 release of the first Cold War. So imagine my surprise at not feeling lost while watching the sequel. It stands strong on its own by providing just enough insight into the original story while progressively developing the current plot.


There are so many intricate twists and turns that make your toes curl in suspense. While I would have preferred a tad more action and lot more Eddie, there was very little else left to be desired. I belatedly realized that Cold War 2 perfectly sets the stage for a mega showdown. I, for one, am looking forward to it.