February has officially passed and as we now move into the warmer spring months, it’s time to look back at which films topped the charts in Korean monthly box office report.

Leading the list is the film, “Confidential Assignment,” which also took the leading spot in January’s list. The film continued to bring in a large gross with over $21 million in sales from over 2 million audience goers, even after over a month since its original release date. Taking second place is the Korean film “Fabricated City.” The film was released early in February and managed to take in over $17 million in revenue by month’s end. The third ranking movie is another Korean film, “New Trial,” with over $14 million in total gross net.

Poster for “Fabricated City”

The fourth place is held by the recent US release, “Split.” “Spilt” was very well received in the US box office, so it’s no surprise to see financial success abroad. “Split,” brought in almost $8.5 million in revenue and had over 1 million attendees over the last month. Fifth place, taking in a little more than $6.4 million, is the Korean film, “The King.” Following “The King,” we have two US releases, the Oscar Nominee, “Arrival,” and the animated “Trolls” movie, with over $4.5 and $3.4 million in monthly revenue respectively.

Rounding out February’s list are three more foreign films, all of which did very well financially in their native box offices. The co-produced “The Great Wall,” was backed by two production agencies from China and the US. The action flick made over $3 million in revenue. The remaining films, “xXx: Return of Xander Cage,” and animated “Moana” were US releases which made over $3 and $2.5 million dollars respectively.

Poster for “The King”

Korean films have been continued standing strong up against popular US and foreign releases, even after only making up 40% of the top ten films. 2017 has shown great promise for the industry, and let’s hope for continued financial success.


(Source: KoBiz)



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