When Well Go USA released Three on Blu-Ray and DVD on April 4,2017, I expected it to be all about the fellas. I was in for a shock. In the midst of a mental tug-of-war between a band of bank robbers and a group of police detectives, Vicki Zhao quietly steals the show. I’ve heard that if you truly dislike a character that was intended to spark rage, the actor or actress did a good job. Vicki Zhao was truly beautiful and truly enraging. I could not be more pleased with the fantastic job she did. It goes without saying that Louis Koo and Wallace Chung delivered stellar performances as well, but today I want to focus on Vicki Zhao. She was the heat that melted the glue and didn’t give a damn about keeping anything together.

Director Johnnie To yet again shows his brilliance in the directing of Three. The films delves into the complexities of the three main characters whose every move is pivotal towards the outcome. Wallace Chung reminds of us that intelligence is sexy as he continuously beats Louis Koo in a game of wits. Louis’ character is no dummy though. He sees right through him, but neither one of them are ready for the wildcard that is Vicki. Director To so carefully camouflaged her role as just significant enough to matter until almost the very end. By the time even her character realized what was happening, all hell had broken loose. Better still, almost all of the mayhem takes place in a hospital recovery room full of trauma patients.

If you think having most of the film centered in one setting might be boring, you don’t know Johnny To. This one area was like a whole other world of its own. It was hustling and bustling with so much activity, life and death that there was no time for boredom. It was fiery, suspenseful and captivating. When the final showdown between them came to the boiling point, it was hard to guess who would be the victor. Depending on who you favored throughout the movie, you might say it was your pick. Dare I say it was mine: Vicki Zhao. The character I expected the least from is the one who delivered the most. Therefore, I have chosen her as the victor in this fight of Three. 

Who do you think came out on top of this brutal battle? Catch Three from Well Go USA on digital , Blu-ray and DVD. Let me know if you loved to hate Vicki’s character as much as I did.