Helmed by director Jeong Yoon-cheol whose last film was the drama A Man Who Was Superman (2008) starring Hwang Jung-min and Jun Ji-hyun, Warriors of the Dawn features Lee Jung-jae (Operation Chromite) and Yeo Jin-gu (Hwayi: A Monster Boy, 2013) in the lead roles.

During the Joseon Era, King Seonjo escapes to the Empire of the Great Ming in China as Japanese forces advance on his own kingdom, abandoning all his people. The Crown Prince Gwanghae remains behind to defend the royal palace while beyond the walls a makeshift militia is assembled to expel the unwelcome invaders.

Produced by Realies Pictures (Masquerade, 2012), the film will be distributed by 20th Century Fox and is eyeing a May release.

sources: Kobiz, Cine21

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