Robert “Bobby” Samuels
Gee lil bomb
Robert Jefferson
Jhon twist Dejesus
Ermias Baraki
Jourdan Barnett
Eric Fuchs
Orlando Cruz

Director/Fight Stunt Coornator/Co-Writer: Hector Soria

Assistant Director/DP/Editor/Camera Operator/Co-Writer: Andrew Kim

The Call is an upcoming “Short” Martial Arts Action movie which aims to pull no punches. Directed and Written by Hector Soria (Co-written by Andrew Kim), “The Call” is a classic case of Good Cop vs Bad Cop with three minutes of hard hitting action.

Robert “Bobby” Samuels (Gambling Ghost, Don’t Give A Damn) is back infront of the camera playing a detective out to rescue his partner (Hector Soria), who’s been kidnapped by a group of men and want files in return. Robert finds out quickly they are not here to trade, but to kill him and stop any future investigations into their activities.

Robert Samuels Vs Robert Jefferson

From this moment on, the audience are treated to a 3 minute fight sequence with fluid camera work, capturing the tension and realism of the performers on screen. The audience are treated to Robert Samuels defending multipule attacks, showcasing some great martial art skills that we were used to seeing back in the 1990’s. Robert Jefferson has good fight scene with Robert Samuels (See above picture), both showcasing hand to hand combat, Wing Chun blocks and MMA, bringing different martial art styles into one quick scene.

Some other key highlights i would mention would be the 3 vs 1 fight sequence and the final fight, which i wont go into now as The Call is still in post production at this moment in time.

TeamOneTakeStuntsActionDesign did an amazing job with the fight choreography, along with the camera work of Director/Assistant Director Hector Soria and Andrew Kim and the cast to bring movie lovers 3 minutes of none stop martial arts action. They capture the action very well throughout the whole sequence and almost feels like the camera just glids through the air elegantly, which must have given the performers alot of confidnce. I also enjoyed when the camera would drop into slow motion to allow the performers on screen to really show off there acrobatic skills, then speed back up into real time.

Final verdict
My final verdict on The Call – it may only be a few minutes long, but it certainly packs a punch. It was great to see Robert Samuels back infront of the camera, i enjoyed the role of Detetive Dave (Hector Soria) and the whole crew (Director/Fight choreographers) did an amazing job. I hope to see this cast and crew come together in the future on another project and i am excited to see more.

I would also like to thank Robert Samuels for allowing me to view The Call, i very much enjoyed it and wish everyone involved success in the future.

Justyn H
(More pictures from the set of The Call below)

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