The first official international trailer for Jackie Chan’s next, The Foreigner – an action thriller co-starring Pierce Brosnan – has just come out. The film is directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, GoldenEye), and also stars Katie Leung and Liu Tao.

A British-Chinese co-production, the film is based on the 1992 Stephen Leather novel The Chinaman, and showcases Chan in a role very different, and much darker, from the familiar guise of a heroic action figure we have seen him as in recent films like Railroad Tigers and Kung Fu Yoga.

Poster for the film The Foreigner (2017)
Poster for the film The Foreigner (2017). Source:

In The Foreigner, Chan plays a Chinese restaurant owner, who loses his young daughter in a bombing that Brosnan’s Liam Hennessy, an IRA-man turned government minister, is responsible for. With no help from the police forthcoming, Chan sets out on a revenge mission to find the man responsible for his loss, by any means possible. The trailer features a lot of gunfights, several explosions and, most importantly for action fans, some typical Jackie Chan stunts.

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Brosnan’s character’s close resemblance to Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams has been particularly talked about since the poster for the film came out. The film was also in the news in February 2016, when an approved and controlled bus explosion on London’s Lambeth Bridge during the shooting caused widespread alarm.

The film is produced by STX Entertainment and Huayi Brothers Pictures. It is slated for release in China on September 30, 2017, followed by the US release on October 13.

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