With his boy-next-door looks, supermodel physique, and overall charisma, Kim Soo Hyun has been a trailblazer in the Korean entertainment industry.


Rising to stardom in popular dramas such as “The Moon Embracing the Sun” and “My Love from Another Star”, and the blockbuster film, “The Thieves“, the 29-year-old star has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Seeing Kim Soo Hyun in a different light.

His massive fan base, both in Korea and overseas, are surely over the moon about his new project – the action-noir film, “REAL”. However, those who were smitten by his charms and endearing smile might find this dark, mystery thriller film uncharacteristically different from Kim Soo Hyun’s previous projects. Taking on the role of Jang Tae Young, an infamous and power-hungry key player in the criminal world who has an adept ability to make problems go away, Kim Soo Hyun admitted in an interview that this film allowed him to challenge himself as an actor. Fans of the actor might see him in a new light – a darker one.

Kim Soo Hyun’s most controversial film to date.

This highly-anticipated film has been the talk of town ever since the release of the movie’s promotional trailer. It showed mostly Kim Soo Hyun’s silhouette in dark and mysterious settings. With all the incredibly violent and huge action scenes, Kim said that the filming schedule was “intensive” and it “felt like a dream“. Fans and netizens are also buzzing about a very controversial bed scene between Kim and former f(x) member, Sulli. The latter’s chest exposure in that scene had surely raised a lot of eyebrows.

“REAL”, which also stars Han Ji Eun, Sung Dong Il, and Lee Sung Min, was released last June 28 and is still showing in South Korean theaters. So far, it has been receiving a lot of mixed reactions from both fans and moviegoers.

Sources: Drama Fever and Asiastarz