Han Suk-kyu and Kim Rae-won in The Prison (2017) (Source: Hancinema.net)


Veteran actor Han Suk Kyu teamed up with charming TV actor Kim Rae Won for the first time as unlikely allies in the action thriller movie, “The Prison”. Directed by experienced screenwriter Na Hyun (“Spin Kick”, “Heartbreak Library”), the movie depicts Han as a merciless prison gang boss while Kim plays a troublemaker, quick-tempered ex-cop. The two characters meet in prison and start working together as Han took Kim under his wing.

There’s a first time for everything.

While Han Suk Kyu is no stranger when it comes to playing villains in the past, he is well-known for his mild image and deep, soothing voice. Same goes for Kim Rae Won whose claim to fame was rom-com television dramas such as “Attic Cat” and “Doctors”. The two actors both raised the acting bar by taking on evil, vicious, and ruthless characters this time. Of course, it was a piece of cake for these two incredible actors who had played a plethora of interesting roles throughout their career.

Polarizing characters.

Han plays a mob boss turned convict who “runs the prison” – controlling the inmates, the guards, and even the warden. In this prison, Han’s word is law and inmates are sent outside to commit crimes and bring back some “profit”. Kim’s ex-cop character aptly called “The Grim Reaper”, was the perfect adversary to Han’s insanely violent and powerful kingpin.

Opposites attract.

Their characters might be frenemies in the movie, but Han and Kim actually bonded over an uncharacteristic hobby even before filming started – fishing. In an interview by Showbox, Kim mentioned that working with Han was something that he had “wondered” a lot about and now it has finally come to fruition.

“The Prison” was released in March and has received mixed reviews both from critics and moviegoers.


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