A still from Namhansanseong Fortress (2017)

It’s finally out! A few images and bits of information had been trickling out from the sets of this much-anticipated period epic, but the makers have finally decided to unveil the first trailer of Namhansanseong Fortress. And it looks spectacular.

The film is directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, who makes his foray into yet another new genre after 2011’s dark and challenging The Crucible (Silenced) and 2013’s comedy Miss Granny. Starring in key roles are Lee Byung-hun (Inside Men, I Saw the Devil), Kim Yoon-seok (The Priests), Park Hae-il (The Last Princess), Go Soo, Park Hee-soon and Jo Woo-jin.

Lee Byung-hun in Namhansanseong Fortress
Lee Byung-hun in Namhansanseong Fortress (2017)

The film is set during the Second Manchu invasion of Korea of 1636, when the newly established Manchu Qing dynasty invaded Korea’s Joseon kingdom. During the invasion, King Injo, the 16th Joseon king, and his retainers were forced to seek refuge in the fortress located in the mountain city of Namhansanseong.

Lee plays Choi Myung-kil, a representative of the Juhwapa faction in Korea, insistent on maintaining friendly relations with the Qing Dynasty in order to protect the people of Joseon. In conflict with him and his group is Kim Sang-hun, played by Kim Yoon-seok, whose Cheokhwapa faction prefers siding with the Ming Dynasty and urges the king to keep on fighting a losing battle with the mighty invading army. Park Hae-il will be seen in the role of King Injo.

Namhansanseong Fortress is based on the 2007 bestselling novel Namhansanseong by Korean writer and journalist Kim Hoon. The film’s release is scheduled for September 2017. CJ Entertainment has financed and will distribute the film.

(Source: Hancinema.net, KoBiz)