Wolf Warrior 2 has no equal in 2017. Absolutely none.

It’s pure adrenaline from the opening credits to the bloopers. Wu Jing is a triple threat when it comes to action films. Without fail, he continues to prove himself worthy of legendary status as a director, actor and writer.

Wu Jing in Wolf Warrior 2

Wu returns in Wolf Warrior 2 now far from his life as a member of China’s Elite Special Forces unit, the Wolf Warriors. Just as he becomes acclimated to a life of peace, war tears through the land he’s living in. If he wants to escape the turmoil, he’ll have to reawaken the warrior within.

Wu hands out beat downs like free meals, but his equally skilled opponents keep coming at him with bullets, tanks, and whatever else they can find. Moreover, they have a malicious disregard for human life. Now they are hellbent on taking him out. When he realizes that the ones hunting him are the same ones he’s been hunting, Wu transforms completely into the wolf he truly is.

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Wu Jing in Wolf Warrior 2

Nothing gets the heart pounding better than a good old-fashioned ass whooping. Talk about action-packed. Don’t blink or you’ll miss something awesome! If you remember him in Wolf Warrior, you know that Wu is unstoppable once he gets started. He is even faster and more fearless than before. Fortunately, the camera angles are generous during action scenes. As a result, the hand-to-hand combat and close quarter shootouts brings back the feel of classic action movies. The choreography and direction are as fluid as a well orchestrated symphony. It’s round after round of impressiveness.

Most noteworthy are Frank Grillo (Beyond Skyline; Captain America: The Winter Soldier), and Haifeng Ding (White Vengeance; Three Kingdoms), two heavy hitters that pumped up the power. There was no overkill or unnecessary bravo. Each were true to their characters, making them enjoyable to watch. While they are strong, Zhang Han could probably be considered the main source of comedy with his witty role. Even still, his childishness clearly metamorphoses into seriousness when all hell breaks loose.

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Wu Jing and Haifeng Ding in Wolf Warrior 2

Wolf Warrior 2 is Wu Jing’s second film as a director and actor. His previous contributions to the scripts and choreography in other films has translated well into his own projects. Wolf Warrior 2 is a successful follow up to the original serving up action on a silver platter.

Wolf Warrior 2 is being released in North America by THE H COLLECTIVE. Watch the trailer below and don’t miss the action, theater style, this Friday, July 28th.

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