As the Korean “coffee culture” booms, these cozy and ubiquitous establishments continue to appear in almost every drama and every movie. Indie film director Kim Jong Kwan knew exactly how to jump on the bandwagon through his latest project, “The Table”.

The Table”, which premiered at last year’s Busan International Film Festival, is a one-of-a-kind movie, with a captivating, albeit not-so-new, concept, showcasing stellar performances from three of the country’s hottest, upcoming actresses and one beloved, veteran actress. Joining distinguished actress Im Soo-Jung (“All About My Wife”, “Tale of Two Sisters”) are “Train to Busan” actress Jung Yu-Mi, Han Ye-Ri (“Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade”) and Jung Eun-Chae of “Nobody’s Daughter Hae Won” and “The King” fame.

If lengthy and ambiguous conversations over coffee, in an almost deserted coffee shop, wouldn’t pique your interest, then this movie might not be your cup of tea. The film definitely has that “indie” vibe to it; single location, a handful of characters, impressive and memorable dialogue, artistic, soft, close-up shots, and open endings that will leave the audience clamoring for more. The recently released trailer only shows the four women sitting on THE table, looking at the person sitting opposite them with vague, but emotional, looks on their faces.

In the movie, the four female characters meet with different men (and one woman) over a period of three days and one night, choosing to sit on the same table by the window in the very same coffee shop. They each portray women in different stages in their love life; one meeting with a seemingly uninterested ex-lover, another conversing with a guy she had a one-night stand with, a soon-to-be bride plotting an affair with an ex, and finally, a woman discussing details with another woman who would play her mother in her fake wedding.

The movie “The Table” will hit theaters on August 24, 2017.

Sources: HanCinema and Hollywood Reporter