The movie remained on top of the South Korean box office for a third consecutive weekend, earning $6.9 million from 950,000 admissions between Friday and Sunday for a total of $71.8 million.

This makes ”A Taxi Driver” the 1st film in 2017, to cross the milestone, according to the Showbox.

Still from A Taxi Driver
Song Kang-ho in A Taxi Driver (Source:

The movie hit the milestone on the 19th day (10,353,208 tickets sold) since its opening on Aug. 2, the same as “Train to Busan” did, which was also the last film to reach the achievement. ”A Taxi Driver;’ is also another film in actor Song’s list of 10 million admissions filmography, along with “The Host” in 2006 and “The Attorney” in 2013.

Lotte Entertainment’s “Midnight Runners” is in second place with a total earning of $6.11 million between Friday and Sunday, having accumulated $27.1 million after two weekends.

A poster of "Midnight Runner"
A poster of “Midnight Runners”

The third place belongs to The Fox’s “War for the Planet of the Apes”. The Fox release earned gathered $11.2 million over the movie’s opening six days.


Next Entertainment World’s Korean horror “The Mimic”, which was opened on Thursday, wins the fourth place with $4.55 million over four days. The foreign horror “Annabelle: Creation” took fifth place, earning $1.84 million for a total of $12.35 million after two weekends (a drop of 66%).

A still from “The Mimic”

Source: Variety, Yonhap