In order to be a great martial art film, a movie just has to follow one rule: keep audiences entertained. Those films produced in Thailand manage to do just that, earning the praise of being home to some of the best martial arts movies. The films may lack a serious story-line, but the incredible choreography more than makes up for it all.

Narrowing down the movies to find the best is no easy task, but we came up with what we feel are the top five best Thai martial arts films. Each movie in our list features the enchanting choreography from the late famed director and martial artist Panna Rittikrai. His films used no CGI to show off each actor’s athletic prowess.

4. Raging Phoenix


What’s a martial arts film without a healthy dose of vengeance? In this one, a violent gang is abducting and killing women throughout Thailand. Deu is rescued by Sanim and his friends and soon undergoes training in the fictional drunken-style of Meyraiyuth in order to confront and stop the gang.

Once again, Panna Rittikrai’s choreography is put to good use even in a fighting form that not many use. It’s simply satisfying to watch such a variety of techniques be flawlessly stretched beyond imagination.