A still from M.I.A A Greater Evil
A still from "M.I.A A Greater Evil" (2017)

Independent movie “M.I.A A Greater Evil” deals with uncomfortable truths about the Vietnam War, including the fate of American POWs allegedly left behind after the war ended. Until now, more than 1600 families are searching for information about their loved ones listed as missing in action from the war.

Official poster of "M.I.A A Greater Evil" 2017
Official poster of “M.I.A A Greater Evil” (2017)

This supernatural thriller is about a group of American college students embark on an expedition looking for gold in the war-torn jungles of Vietnam. Their dreams quickly unravel when an unplanned detour leaves the group lost and wandering where many before them have mysteriously vanished without a trace. A terrifying night-time encounter makes them realize they are not alone. Tensions mount, as echoes of the Vietnam War follow their every step through the battle-ravaged jungle. Will they find a way out, or will they become the latest victims of a savage and bloody war? M.I.A. A Greater Evil reignites burning questions that remain unanswered from one of the most controversial wars of the 20th century.

The movie's cast
The movie’s cast

The screenwriter is Peter Alan Lloyd, who has written books and articles about the Vietnam War, the Secret War in Laos and the Ho Chi Minh Trail, as well as travelled extensively in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia looking for clues about missing POWs and MIAs. He believes that the film will lead to renewed demands for a full accounting of those missing men. “Not one POW was ever released from Laos, other than those sent to the Hanoi Hilton and released during Operation Homecoming,” adds Lloyd. “Other simply disappeared.”

The Thailand – USA – UK co-production movie is set for release in 2017.