Tak Sakuguchi is a Japanese martial arts actor famous for his role in cult classics ‘Versus’ and ‘Death Trance’. He’s got a close working relationship with director Yudai Yamaguchi who regularly features him in his films.

Tak Sakuguchi is a skilled martial artist and street fighter , skilled in Judo, Kickboxing and also owns a professional boxing license.

His latest film Re:Born , hit the film festival circuits last year and will soon be distributed to western markets later in the year. The latest exclusive trailer for Re:born is a awesome showcase of Tak’s skills , featuring brilliantly executed close hand to hand and knife combat.

Tak Sakuguchi Will Be Re:Born.. Literally

Many of Tak Sakuguchi’s previous films have gone on to achieve cult status yet he’s still relatively unknown outside of Japan and B movie fans.

In Re:Born though,  Tak appears to be re-imagining himself into a more grounded action star , moving away from the crazy cult films that came before. It’s likely that the release of Re:born could finally propel Tak Sakuguchi onto the world stage.

Here Are 5 Awesome Tak Sakuguchi films you should definitely add to your watch list.


Yakuza Weapon

Plot: The film is about Shozo Iwaki (Tak Sakaguchi) who works as a mercenary in South America. Iwaki is informed of the death of his gang boss dad and discovers his former Yakuza henchman is involved in a double-cross.


Set somewhere in the deep forest of Japan, known as the Forest of Resurrection, where an escaped convict simply referred to as “Prisoner KSC2-303” and a gang of Yakuza battle a horde of zombies while at the same time dealing with their sinister leader who wishes to open the forest’s portal of darkness

Death Trance

Plot: In an unknown place at an unknown time, a swordsman named Grave (Sakaguchi) yearns for the ultimate battle. Legend tells of a black coffin kept at the Tougan Temple which has the power to grant any man’s deepest desire. Hoping to utilize the coffin’s ability to fulfill his wish, Grave infiltrates the temple and steals it.

Battlefield Baseball

Plot: Gedo is notorious for its brutal killings during games. They hardly play at all, instead engaging in a form of martial arts combat called “fighting baseball”. Their matches erupt into brutal battlefields, Gedo slaughtering its opponents in any way possible, and the competing team vainly struggling for their lives.



Plot: The film stars Tak Sakaguchi as Jubeh Yakyu, a seventeen-year-old who accidentally kills his father with his extra powerful baseball arm. Years later, he is a juvenile delinquent and is sent to a reform school after killing over 50 people within a week. To escape the school, Jubeh agrees to join the baseball team, even though he had sworn off the sport since his father’s death.


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