Famed action director John Woo has made his return to the cop thriller genre with his film Manhunt, a remake of a classic 1976 Japanese action film (Kimi yo Fundo no Kawa o Watare) that starred the late, great Ken Takakura and was directed by Junya Sato.

Making its world premiere earlier this month at the Venice Film Festival, it stars acclaimed Chinese actor Zhang Hanyu as a prosecutor who is wrongfully framed for robbery, rape, and murder.

The following is a synopsis, courtesy of TIFF:

“Du Qiu (Zhang Hanyu) is a successful international lawyer from China who has long been working for Tenjin, a powerful Japanese pharmaceutical company. On the very night he announces his break with the company — at its lavish 65th-anniversary party — he is assaulted in his home, knocked unconscious, and wakes the next morning with a knife in his hand and a murdered employee of Tenjin in his bed. Pursued by authorities, including a police captain who begins to suspect his innocence (Masaharu Fukuyama), Du begins a desperate campaign to learn who framed him and why. The answers will involve corruption, cruelty, and a pair of seemingly invincible female assassins.”

Watch the trailer below.

Gun fights and slow motion action sequences, well-known trademark flairs of Woo, take precedence over dialogue and are showcased in the trailer.


No U.S. distribution is set as of yet, but Manhunt is set to premiere in China on February 16, 2018. More details about the film can be found here.

Source: Slashfilm.com