Kim Yun Seok (left) and Joo Ji Hoon (right)

Kim Yun Seok will team up with Joo Ji Hoon in criminal thriller Woman and Man Murders, which is scheduled to released in 2018. Director Kim Tae Gyun will be in charge  with the script written by both him and director Kwak Kyung Taek.

The movie is about a fierce psychological confrontation between a detective (Kim Yun Seok) and a serial killer (Joo Ji Hoon), who confesses to commit seven more murders while behind bars. Its Korean title, Am-soo-sal-in, is the term used to describe a murder case without a body or identified victim. Filming started on August 14th.
‘Murder of Man or Woman’ (2017) (Source: HanCinema)
Kim Yun Seok is famous for several hits, including The Chaser (2008), The Thieves (2012) and The Priests (2015). He can also be seennext month  in The Fortress, where he teamed up with Lee Byung Hun and Park Hae Il.
Last seen in Kim Sung Soo’s Asura: The City of Madness (2016), Joo Ji Hoon currently has two big projects under his belt: the two-part fantasy blockbuster Kim Yong Hwa’s Along with the Gods and Yoon Jong Bin’s North Korea action-thriller Black Swan.
The cast also includes Moon Jeong Hee, Jin Sun Kyu, Her Jin, Jeong Jong Jun,…
Director Kim Tae Gyun debuted in 2012 with the melodrama Spring, Snow after working as an assistant director on several early Kwak Kyung Taek films. On the other hand, Kwak Kyung Taeks most recent work was supernatural thriller RV: Resurrected Victims, which is awaiting release.


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